Recruiting is one of the  most promising industries for Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms. We have spent several years applying our data analytics engine to publicly available data sets in general and  analyzing millions of profiles for recruiting purposes in particular. Based on our work we can make a real difference in people's lives such as helping employers identify the best-fit candidate and job seekers find their dream jobs fast.


Recruiting will eventually be done not by evaluating and counting key words but by looking at the connectedness of skills on a skill map externalising the true competency of a candidate. Just as Google has been based on page rank and Facebook on edge rank, we base our products on skill-rank. Ranking skills and combining them into competency centers creates a much more granular assessment to find better-fit candidates than our key word counting competitors.


Recruitloft technology is based on the linguistic analysis of millions of social media job profiles. This results in detailed skill maps across job roles in hundreds of industries leading up to the formation of competency centers.  Accessing those competency centers by using our data analytics platform enables the user to aggregate and data-mine in-house or public data sets to find best-fit candidates.


RLTarget, our premier sourcing solution for ATS and job boards, finds talent based on competency and not on job titles. You find more qualified candidates across all industries in your search.  RLTarget features a dashboard that allows you to save searches, define special skill sets and use profiles of previous candidates as the basis for new  hires.