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Ideal resumes can be trashed just because they lack the ideal keywords.<Capterra>


Job requisition

If you don’t give your ATS thoughtful keywords to work with it will give you the wrong results entirely. <Capterra>

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Candidate ranking

62 percent of companies using applicant tracking systems admit “some qualified candidates are likely being automatically filtered out of the vetting process by mistake.<CIO>

Why sourcing candidates needs to go beyond keywords
Consider the relationship of skills to each other, not an assortment of  keywords.
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AI and machine learning externalises related skills on a verticalized skill map which  leads to the formation of competency centers.
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Each candidate receives a ranking based on how well his skills match those in a competency center or a combination of centers before further consideration for a job requisition.
Sourcing candidates beyond keywords?
AI and machine learning make it possible.
Skill map and ranking based on competency centers

Use cases

Recruiting firms

Use your new speed advantage to be the first recruiter that responds to a new job requisition in minutes not hours way ahead of your competition. 

Sublicense our platform to seamlessly integrate Artificial Intelligence into your ATS or job board to shorten time-to-market and get ahead of the competition.


Make your star performers the templates for future hires and support "groom-to-grow" initiatives.

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